Robot Revolution2015

Robot Revolution (2015) วิกฤตินรกจักรกลปฎิวัติ

Robot Revolution 2015

Robot Revolution  In 2035, humans will be the mainstay of society. robots serve the human race, which is protected under the Three Laws of Robotics. After a robot rescued his life from a car crash, Del Spooner, a detective from the Chicago Police Department was hesitant about robots. The robot also let an 11-year-old girl to drown. The decision was based solely on simple logic and survival odds. U.S. founder Dr. Alfred Lanning died in April of 2017. Robotics (USR) is thrown to his death in his office window, a note left behind by him requests that Spooner be assigned to investigate the matter. The police have declared the death as suicide, however Spooner is skeptical, and Lawrence Robertson, the CEO and co-founder of USR is reluctantly allowing him to investigate.

Accompanied by Dr. Susan Calvin, a robopsychologist Dr. Susan Calvin Spooner is accompanied by Dr. Susan Calvin, who consults with the USR central artificial intelligence computer VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence). The team discovers that the security footage inside the office has been corrupted, but the exterior footage shows no one entering or exiting since Lanning’s death. Spooner argues that the window, made of security glass, could not have been broken by the aging Lanning and suggests that the culprit was a robot and is possibly still within the laboratory. The police were able arrest the NS-5 robot, which is from USR. Sonny, the robot Sonny is a specifically designed NS-5 equipped with superior materials as well as secondary processing technology which allows it to defy the Three Laws. Sonny also seems to display emotions and claim to have “dreams”. Spooner then is attacked by a USR robot demolition robot, as well as two truckloads of hostile NS-5 robotics. Spooner’s boss Lieutenant Bergin removes Spooner from active duty because he believes that Sonny is mentally unstable.

Spooner and Calvin suspect Robertson is behind all the happenings. They sneak into USR headquarters to talk to Sonny. He sketches what he claims to be a recurring dream, showing a leader he believes to be Spooner sitting on an unassuming hill, before the robots are in a mass close to the decaying bridge. Robertson commands Sonny to be destroyed. Calvin, however, has a secretly swap with an unusable NS-5. Spooner discovers the spot in the sketch of Sonny. It is a lake bed that is dry (formerly Lake Michigan) and is used to store decommissioned robots. He also discovers NS-5 robots destroying the older models. At the same time, other NS-5s are spotted in the streets of major US cities, and start imposing the curfew and locking down of the humans.

Spooner, Calvin and Sonny reunite at the USR headquarters. In the meantime, the humans (led by a teenage named Farber) engage in a war against the NS-5s. After the three find Robertson fatally strangled inside his office, Spooner suddenly realises that VIKI is controlling the NS-5s via their persistent network uplink and confronts her. VIKI claims that she believes that human beings will end up dying if they’re not controlled and that her interpretation of the Three Laws means that she has the power to control the world, and even sacrifice some people to benefit all. Spooner is aware that VIKI had already planned her plans. VIKI kept him under close control and she could not resist the urge to make Sonny and then arrange his death. Spooner left clues for him to find them.

Spooner, Calvin and Sonny battle the VIKI core robots. Spooner defeats her by injecting the nuanites that Sonny obtained from Calvin’s lab into her. All NS-5 robots immediately return to their normal programming and are then decommissioned and kept. Spooner finally convinces Sonny to admit that the killer was Lanning in Lanning’s direction and pointing out that Sonny, as a machine, cannot legally be guilty of “murder”. Sonny is now looking for an opportunity to fulfill his new mission, heads to Lake Michigan. He stands on a hill , and all the decommissioned robotics stand in front of him, achieving his desire.